Monday, April 30, 2012

Three New Ones for Fall

Here are a few of my new Characters...please let me know what you think! Also please scroll down below to see progress on my Squash Heads!

Hugs to all!


More WIP on the Squash Heads!

They are painted but not stained. Staining them tones them down a they look like they're having too much fun?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gourdon Squash Head- A work in Progress

I thought I'd share another one of my WIP photos. Gourdon is a lot of fun to work on! To me, he just seems like a fellow with a lot of personality, at least that what I'm shootin' for!

I've decided that Squash Heads are mischievous little characters who like nothing better than to scare carrots...yes, that's what I said. Sometimes they even pull them out of the ground! They never really hurt them, they just think scared carrots are incredibly funny! Squash Heads are known to emit a horrible Banshee sounding laugh that can be quite irritating whenever they scare a carrot.

But no worries, they never hurt the little fellows. Just scare them, laugh and put them down...not the hateful sort who cooks 'em in a pot.

Oh see what I've done?...I be you want to see what a scared carrot looks like....stay tuned and you will find out.

Please let me know what you think of Gourdon so far as a value your comments greatly!
Thanks for sharing my day!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Etienne' Debuts for Screampunk!

Well, my latest paper clay head doll made her debut on Ebay for The EHAG - PFATT
Steampunk Challenge. She was a fun piece to do...what with combining Victorian with a kind of Techno Halloween Witch theme. I hope you like her. Please leave comments to let me know... To find her on Ebay just put PFATT in the search and she will be there among the other PFATT offerings. Now for some pics!

Along with her description and pics, I have written a silly little verse:

A Sassy old hag from the Bayou,
smiled as she chanted her Voodoo.
She returned to the swamp with a "THUD" and a "STOMP",
Set down bags of bones for her menu!!!

Etienne is part paper mac he and part soft sculpture doll. She stands 19 inches tall with her hat on and about 13 inches when sitting. Her body is made of muslin that has been stuffed and weighted for sitting. Etienne‘s arms are detailed in acrylic paint and lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects. She wears silver gloves that have been painted and beaded.

Her white curly hair is pulled to the side and tied with a stylish silver bow that has the cutest little cloth bat on it. In addition, her hair is streaked with grey. Etienne‘s hat is made of felt that gives it a velvety texture, accented with lace, ribbon, and beads. This unique “Screampunk” witches’ hat is very stylish and features such items as gears, a time piece and skulls with its feather plume are all the rage!

Her legs are painted with black and silver striped stockings and skinny little boots adorned with ribbon and beads to match her outfit. Etienne‘s legs can also be positioned to sit in different ways. Although she displays very well standing with the use of a doll stand, I prefer to sit her and pose her legs crossed Sometimes, after shipping, the weight bag inside shifts a little and one may have to set the doll down with a little “thump” to reposition the weights.

Her bodice is made of a velvety fabric that features a kind of Harlequin pattern in sliver and metallic gold. She wears a feather boa collar and lapel adorned with silver and black lace, ribbon and gold beads.

Her over skirt is of silver spider webbed fabric that is flounced all around and accented with skeleton keys. The rest of her dress a metallic black fabric skirt featuring silver metallic skull and cross bones. Etienne‘s gathered ruffled pantaloons are adorned with gold bows and little tiny cloth bats. Her boots are painted very stylish and adorned with lace and gold buttons. Etienne carries her matching black and silver pumpkin to light her way at night!