Saturday, November 2, 2013

Here is Why I Haven;t Been Around...

Well, Dear ones, the verdict is in…signed sealed and delivered…I will be having one, maybe two major leg surgeries.  My thigh bone is a mess!  Bone is overlapping bone…again…but there is also a broken off nail in there and a run-away rod sinking into new bone on its own. The legg is now about 3 inches too short!  Pretty gory for Halloween…ya think?
My case is now moved to a trauma reconstruction specialist who. As stoic as he seemed, patted and rubbed me on the shoulder and told me I would walk again!!!  This was on the second day I saw him…at first he seemed so stern, then showed me he has a very real “human” side…I know and feel confident that he is the right man for the job!
The 1st surgery is set for Nov. 18th…the 2nd surgery is not set as it depends on the 1st surgery healing.  I will have “dead people” bone grafts in me (shades of Frankenstein!) but LeeAnn reminds me these people donated their bone to heal people like me…that it is a gift and I am thankful.
So…hang in there with me for the long haul, please…I thank each and every one of you as my friends…
Love and Friendship Always,
 Carly Anne