Saturday, September 26, 2015

Carly is Back!!!

carly is Back

I will post this I feel anyone who has followed me this far and is still willing...I owe an explanation...some of you already know...Here goes...
I just want to thank everyone who has hung in here with me…and those who haven’t, thank you for trying! It has been one tough road! I guess it is time for a few details and if I start to run on…a few details can seem like a lot when it happens over 3+ years…
The leg (a very high break on the femur) that all has re-broken every time they have fixed it and they have fixed it 4 times (knee to hip cut…sorry to be graphic, but it is a HUGE surgery and I was an RN in another life! Nightmare doesn’t begin to tell it…lets get real!)
I am going to try again to get us going, but I’m going to need your help more than ever…it is going downhill again and I see the Dr. soon. (yes, my Orthopedic, who has credits all over for taking care of the Tampa Bay Rays referred me on up the chain and I have since been with a world class trauma surgeon who has fixed it twice already. What else do you do? YOU JUST keep going…don’t ever quit….because the light at the end of the tunnel is ALWAYS lit (if you will notice….if you turn around…the other end is very dark…yes we have our moments when we quit a little…you can only be SO over- whelmed…but keep going we must!
Anyway…all this is leading to is …OK, my game face is on and we will see what happens…but please don’t give up on me  I must push hard now with all I have or I will be too scared.
OK that is all….let’s keep going…all of us!!!
Now lighten up....!
My Best Always,