Friday, January 20, 2017

OOPS!!! I haven't Caught Up!

OOPS!!!  I haven't Caught Up!

Well, if there are any blog lovers out there...I apologize...I haven't posted every post by me here and I should...I will catch up here and try to do better! Here they are in order of posting...please enjoy!

Post 3)

 Here is a work in progress I have been busy son taught me a new stain technique which is not so harsh and gives a little softer distress...

I weakened the stain a bit and went in sections...much easier to control! A few more tweaks and she'll be ready for a hat

She needs a hat and hair...what kind...thin? curly? big hat ...little hat...decisions must be made...any ideas?

Post 2) Here is another WIP, she is just a big gossip!!! Anybody got a name...?

 Post 1)
 Here is another that has escaped, from where..?.I don't know...yes, he needs his other ear...had to leave for Holidays and will have to add it shortly! For Now I will just call him "VINCENT". LOL!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Look what my hands made! New Doll!

Look what my hands made!  New Doll!

While playing around with expressions and working on improvement of my artwork (my happy place) this guy came out....he kinda scares me! I was going for old....his smile will show up more when painting him...what do you think?

 Very different than the usual.......

I hope he looks old and kind......have to figure out how I want to paint his eyes...

I have a couple more....Hmmmmm...I don't know what to call about "My Uglies!

Well, I try to add more tomorrow....

My Best