Friday, January 20, 2017

OOPS!!! I haven't Caught Up!

OOPS!!!  I haven't Caught Up!

Well, if there are any blog lovers out there...I apologize...I haven't posted every post by me here and I should...I will catch up here and try to do better! Here they are in order of posting...please enjoy!

Post 3)

 Here is a work in progress I have been busy son taught me a new stain technique which is not so harsh and gives a little softer distress...

I weakened the stain a bit and went in sections...much easier to control! A few more tweaks and she'll be ready for a hat

She needs a hat and hair...what kind...thin? curly? big hat ...little hat...decisions must be made...any ideas?

Post 2) Here is another WIP, she is just a big gossip!!! Anybody got a name...?

 Post 1)
 Here is another that has escaped, from where..?.I don't know...yes, he needs his other ear...had to leave for Holidays and will have to add it shortly! For Now I will just call him "VINCENT". LOL!

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