Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A little News to Catch Up!

Hi everybody! I had a little time and decided to let let you know a little more about what happened to me I am sorry to take so long before getting back in touch…as you know, I’ve been getting ready for my first big show and it is a 12-14 hour day, most days. Then, of all things…MY LEG BROKE!!! They can find no obvious cause! It was the big thigh bone…supposed to be the strongest bone in your body!!! My only symptoms were pain and the inability to walk without a walker or a wheelchair for three months! I went to the Dr. twice…got X-rayed…no sign of it! Then one day it snapped in two! Boy did I know it!!! Anyway to make a long story a little longer, once the full fracture was confirmed…they took me right to surgery and place a 2 foot rod and 6 inch bolt in me! I was one sick puppy…I bled out when the bone fractured all the way and had to receive two units of blood! I guess you could say I’m a real Vampire, just in time for Halloween!!!LOL! Now I am in the wheelchair learning to coordinate some kinda of walk (When trying to walk, I’m sure I look like “The Ministries of Silly Walks” graduate from Monte Python!) My muscles and nerves were all chopped up in the break…hence the uncoordinated movement…The Docs have gone back over the previous xrays and found out that their was NOTHING there to indicate a pending fracture! Wild!!! Wish I had a more interesting story to tell, like "I broke it sky diving" or "falling off a bucking horse"! But no...it just broke!!! Now...on to some fun! Here are some more sneak peeks of the Spirits in Sanford show! This is an example of my large paper ornaments that will be on my Spooky Tree at the SIS show!
This is my newest design and he was a lot of fun to make....I've not ever see anyone do a Candy Corn Head...so maybe I'm the first. He is a show exclusive and will be sold at the show first before I post him for sale anywhere else! At the show he is avaiable as an ornament or Spool Ghoul. Of course I have a feeling he will be in doll form for next year!
The guys are named Orvil and Wilber...you guessed it, they are brothers! To be considerate of those not able to attend the Spirits in Sanford show as a pre show special, I will offer them for sale from my blog (right here guys!!!) and may offer them on TDIPT for Occtober 15th. They are a couple of my favorites as I'm in LOVE with their festive polka dot ties! Orville striped pants) or Wilber (checked pants) may go home with you for 165.00 plus 15.00 travel fare in the continental USA (travel fare may be higher to other destinations). Please email me for any questions: carolynsmith906@gmail.com So very Sincerely, Carly