Saturday, September 1, 2012

What a Week!!!

Well Friends, It's been quite a week... Last Thursday, I broke my femur (strongest bone in the body and also known as the thigh bone)!!! I, for the last 2 months, been experiencing pain in my hip going all the way down to my left knee. Said it might be a little arthritis. Went to a walker, then a wheelchair (I'm too young for this!) Two doctors saw me! My primary doc ordered an MRI which showed a full fracture! Sooo, off to Surgery right away (last Sunday) and home on Wednesday with a rod in my thigh bone! And of course...I sculpted in the hospital and other odd tasks I could work on at my bed.

Now I'm, home and have some work in progress photos to share with you. The show must go on!!!

This is Jeremy...a Fall Snowman. He is getting ready for the first frost of the Season!

Here is Whimbly. He looks like he's been holding his breath too long...turned purple on me! Actually...he's having an identity crisis...can't decide if he is an Eggplant or a Hubbard Squash!

Last, but not least, is Quincy, the Triclops...always seems to keep an eye on things! LOL!!!