Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hag and the Snowman

I never thought a hag and a snowman could look so much alike...actually, the snowman gave me tha idea for the hag! I gave the Hag a tongue and she said she wanted teeth too! I said nothing doin! I think she's a little unhappy with me! LOL!

Gonna give this guy a roundish plump body...don't cha think? Or he could be on a body like Mort's and be a Dapper Snowman? Whay do you think?

Here they are, getting along like two peas in a pod....or dryfoam block for that matter!

Now this is just held in place to give you a peek at what is to come. Oh OH!!! Her nose is al bit crooked! Have to do some adjustments!

That's all for now!


More on Mort...

Well, here is a little more on Mort! He has his vest (not detailed yet), and I gave him sone shoes and polka dot socks. Let me know what you think!


Monday, January 23, 2012

A Peek at Mort in Progress

Well, thought ya'll might enjoy a peek of Mort's progress. He's turning out to quite a goofy character! He's a little challange to dress with that narrow chest and pot belly. hope ya'll enjoy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WOW 9 comments!!! More on the Sheppard

Boy I didn't realize how much ya'll liked my Sheppard/Moses...I am humbled by your comments. Thank you so very much...truth us, I never finished him before Christmas. Then my oldest son came home from Colorado and Christmas etc...I have all the Elements I need to finish him: a beehive bobbin with a battery powered prim taper (to catch the twinkle of the suspended star, a hay bale amd even a prim sign that reads "Do you see what I see". I'm thinking of offering him for a Christmas in July sale...what do you all think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Whimsie Wanderings

HI everybody!!! Sorry to have been away so long. Christmas was great. My oldest son, Allan was home from Grad School (UC at Boulder, CO!) My two boys are so close, they are best friends and Matthew (a senior at USF) was delighted to be with his brother again! Together, they are quite the clowns!

While I've been out, I have been a bit ill,but with the internet I used sick time very well! I have taken an online course in sculpting by Christy Meyers of CC's Whimsies, and before that a short tutorial by Brenda Sanker of the Vintage Polka Dot on old world Santa's. Here are some works in progress:

The Santa on the right is the one we made in class, the one on your left is one I experimented on my own. As you can see, there is work left to do and LOADS of practicing!!! In class we just were making ornaments, but I want to turn them into dolls! Surprize, Suprize!

Below are a couple of Characters out of my own head...Mortemor the Mortician and Harley the pumpkin man. I think you all know how much aI love Halloween!

Please stay tuned for more of my wanderings, but not to worry, I haven't desrted my soft dolls or teddys permently.

Love to all...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Very Early Easter Surprize...BJ Bunnie!

I am delighted to present to you an original Boggy Bottom Bayou artist bunny, designed and made by me, Carolyn Smith. His name is B.J.. I am not going to place a reserve on him to encourage bidding. So without further adieu, here is B.J.!

B.J.’s fur is a one inch curly, matted (for an older look) sparse, 1 inch Kaki Schulte mohair. His white whiskers and his cute fuzzy tail are made of one inch Stieff uses Schulte mohair on their famous Teddy Bears sold throughout the world for a hundred years!

He is 16 inches tall (not counting his ears!) and stands upright very easily as his feet are weighted with very tiny glass beads. He is fully jointed (arms, legs and head), using durable discs and lock-nuts. His eyes are imported from Germany and are of hand-blown glass. His nose is stitched layer over layer with coral colored pearled cotton. Paw pads are made of tan. 100% Merino wool with hand-stitched claws. He wears a primitive tan gingham vest that features a hand appliqu├ęd bunny and carrots. There is even a carrot on his back left shoulder!

A gold metal bear button on his rump along with the Boggy Bottom Bayou tag and slogan “Get Swamped!” BJ’s “Little Bunnie Bum” has the fluffiest tail ever, made from string mohair.

BJ Bunnie is featured this month on PFATT Marketplace and may go home with you for 98.00 plus travel fare. Please send me your zipcode for a shipping estimate.

All designs are original. People who know me laugh when they find out that my hand-drawn patterns all start out on elementary school notebook paper…can’t sketch a thing on plain white paper! I began my Folk Art career while my boys were in grade school and that was the only paper that was always handy!