Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Preveiw of the Joint...Joint Anatomy

The Anatomy of a Joint

Please bear with me...I'm running behind as I am still in rehab for losing my hip.  But I am walking on a rolling walker with no left hip(ball and socket are gone)  I am blessed, but slow due to my schedule of rehab and work.  I promise to show the ins and outs of putting joints in for limbs and turning of heads.

Here I have everything I need to joint a doll limb (a head is different!)

Above is a model of how the joint is put together.  Here you can see the order of the first few steps.

1) place the tap bolt through the washer

2) With the washer, thread the tap bolt through the fiberboard disc.

3) This then goes inside the arm or leg and through a hole marked on the leg.  Now it looks like this:

This is a view between the limb and the body.  This is how the joint connects the two.  Is this making sense?

Now, this is the other side where the bolt has come through both layers of fabric. 

1) Place the 2nd disc on the bolt

2) Follow by putting the washer on next.

3)  The nut drivers go on either side, one on the bolt head, and the other on the  Lock nut.  Lock nuts stay tight and do not back off of the bolt over time.

I hope this makes sense. I am hoping that my son can video me actually putting a joint together on the doll.

Next time we will start putting the joints on the doll we have been working on...This page is more of a study guide for the order of assembly.

Next...Surprise!  Here it is:

Do you remember the front hair line?

I took my smallest felting needle and needle felted this shape from the yarn on her forehead!

And here she is with her widow's peak!

Till next time!


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