Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Back to the Tutorial!

OK, I'm back...sorry to throw a "commercial" in there, but I want to keep my bloggers up on my FB 
happenings...I try to blend my FB with my blog so I don't leave anything out!

I believe we just got finished with popping the eyes in and tying them off...

OH, but wait..I mean, this is a good time to blush the checks!

The brush for blushing is very important...having just the right amount of paint on the brush is VERY important! 
the brush I use for this is a Donna Dewberry 1/2 inch scruffy brush.  I have them in 3 sizes for shading.

See all that paint on the end of the brush...now wipe most of it off!  This paintbrush is perfect for larger areas of shading like the cheeks.  Start very lightly, making circular brush strokes..don't finish this side...move to the other cheek and repeat. Going back and forth between the checks until you have just the right amount and they look balanced....it doesn't take much!  Never do one cheek and then the other...makes it harder to balance.

You can tell here, that I blushed my doll right before popping the eyes in.....you may do this in either order....sometimes I get ahead of myself!

Next:  eyelids and Facial markings!  It shouldn't be long before I have the next one ......maybe a few FB commercials and them more tutorial!

Please comment so I can see if this is helping anyone and PLEASE I invite questions!

My Best Always!


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