Saturday, May 6, 2017

Facial Markings and Eyelids

Facial Markings and Eyelids

This is how you get the size for the eyelids. Mark around the eye  about an eighth of an inch.  Cut out and use as a template for your eyelids.  

Make two, of course, out of your tea-stained muslin. 
Fold and crease them in half.

Pin the eyelids, overlapping about half the glass pupil (this is a 12 mm eye. At this
time begin placement of the mouth. Bend the twisted, rusty wire into a mouth of your choice.

This face is turning into something!!!

Select DMC thread # 3371 (very dark brown)

Stitch your eyelids on with short, neat stitches I think it is called a whip stitch. 
Then hide the knots under the eyelid

More stitching

Anybody wonder why there is a screw sticking out of the bottom, center of this head???
This doll will be 5-way jointed, including the neck.  I think that jointing a doll is 
going to be its own tutorial. As it is a little complicated. 

That's all for now!

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