Thursday, May 11, 2017

Let's Get Some Hair on this Baby! Tutorial continued.....helpful to have experience with felting hair

Let's Get Some Hair on this Baby!

Lets talk a sec about this tool:

It is a 4-needle felt punch and great for felting hair and especially 
for mohair and natural yarns (at least part wool).  Large knobby end is easy on the hands.  Going to teach my best friend how to felt with it because she has arthritis.  So it is a good and handy little machine

You can go much faster with the easy punch style felter .Just hold the head firmly and watch your fingers!  This thing can be mean!...I think I bought this one at Walmart...go felters!

Just wanted to show you the first color I tried...curly gray just didn't hit me! LOL!

  How it needs to be held. nice even deep strokes or punches...check to make sure your wool is burrowing into the stuffing of the head or it won;t be secure.

Shows the brow line and may do it in any order you like with whatever hair you like.

 Getting ready to put some around back...

Just continue filling and felting the whole head to your hearts content!

Keep going!  Not to shabby!

Next time we will start on the body!



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  1. Thanks for all of the details. Every little fact helps in the process.