Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Work In Progress

Carly Smith is everyone doing? I know I am looking forward to an exciting Halloween Season!!! Here is a peek at a few of my latest WIP. I remember when my boys were little and they used to watch Sesame Street...OH, how I loved that show! Anyway...they had a hilarious little skit with Kermit on Dental care and showing kids how to brush right...right during it, someone mentions that Kermit (frogs in general have no teeth!!! Then all of a sudden, someone shoves a set of dentures in his mouth and he finishes the info-mercial with a full set of teeth!!! I was LAMO instantly!!! These guys are dedicated to Kermit and his maker...they brought so much to kids and adults alike! Here they frogs with teeth!!!

 Yep...Kermit was a real inspiration!  "it's not easy being green!

Well, until next time!
Love and Friendship Always.

Carly Anne

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Art Doll Quarterly Came and...


Seems I'm getting around a little...I received my ADQ today and I have some great news that my dolls are appearing in Art Doll Quarterly! this is a very special issue and will always 

be cherished. I have been selected again as a featured artist with an article, for this year’s Art Doll Quarterly Fall Issue! Why is this such a special issue to me…? 

Well, several of our Giggleswick Artists will be alongside me this year. My partner in Giggleswick, LeeAnn Kress is once again featured, and also my dear friends, Margo (Marguerite) Noschese and Debb George, Lisa Ammerman and Robert Brawley are all in there with me!!!

In this article, called “Carly Makes a Stand” I go through the step by step process of taking a sitting doll, a “shelf sitter” and making it into a standing doll. For any of you who have not made a standing doll, you may find that this is just the right method with which to begin. I is very basic and straight forward. Many other doll making tips are given as well. Happy reading!

Love and Friendship Always,

Carly Anne

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pre-Show Teaser Available!!!

Witches Of Giggleswick's photo.
I have a surprise! A Pre-Show Teaser!!! For all of those who will not be able to attend the show,I and to give a sneak peek preview of the two shows I will be in this Fall: Hallowbaloo and Spirits in Sanford (see links below!)

I am giving you a chance to purchase one of my brand new designs...Jebidiah is from my "Spring into Fall" Collection. They all have a base made out of an antique, rusty bedspring! Jeb is 19" tall including his spring base.
Jebidiah 1
As with all my Candy Corns, Jeb has a very apparent sweet tooth! He is made of paper clay and is embellished "out the WaZoo"! Jebidiah may go home with you for $98.00 and 15.00 travel fare. Please contact me at for purchase.
Please stay tuned as over this weekend I will feature only one more of this new collection.


Witches Of Giggleswick's photo.
As Always,
Love and Friendship,
Carly Anne