Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pre-Show Teaser Available!!!

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I have a surprise! A Pre-Show Teaser!!! For all of those who will not be able to attend the show,I and to give a sneak peek preview of the two shows I will be in this Fall: Hallowbaloo and Spirits in Sanford (see links below!)

I am giving you a chance to purchase one of my brand new designs...Jebidiah is from my "Spring into Fall" Collection. They all have a base made out of an antique, rusty bedspring! Jeb is 19" tall including his spring base.
Jebidiah 1
As with all my Candy Corns, Jeb has a very apparent sweet tooth! He is made of paper clay and is embellished "out the WaZoo"! Jebidiah may go home with you for $98.00 and 15.00 travel fare. Please contact me at carolynsmith906@gmail.com for purchase.
Please stay tuned as over this weekend I will feature only one more of this new collection.


Witches Of Giggleswick's photo.
As Always,
Love and Friendship,
Carly Anne

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  1. Fun piece, Carly! I wish you great success at your fall shows! I wish I could attend those...being a bit 'landlocked' in Nebraska makes it tough! I have 5 BIG shows on my plate this fall, so I've been working like a crazy person!
    Have a great day!