Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Work In Progress

Carly Smith is everyone doing? I know I am looking forward to an exciting Halloween Season!!! Here is a peek at a few of my latest WIP. I remember when my boys were little and they used to watch Sesame Street...OH, how I loved that show! Anyway...they had a hilarious little skit with Kermit on Dental care and showing kids how to brush right...right during it, someone mentions that Kermit (frogs in general have no teeth!!! Then all of a sudden, someone shoves a set of dentures in his mouth and he finishes the info-mercial with a full set of teeth!!! I was LAMO instantly!!! These guys are dedicated to Kermit and his maker...they brought so much to kids and adults alike! Here they frogs with teeth!!!

 Yep...Kermit was a real inspiration!  "it's not easy being green!

Well, until next time!
Love and Friendship Always.

Carly Anne


  1. Love those faces, can't wait to see them completed. They look so much happier with teeth. (o:

  2. These look darling, Carly!! They just make you smile!! LeeAnn