Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sale on all my Dolls on ETSY!!! HELP a family in need!

Delay in  Tutorial for an Important Message!

My tutorial is on hold while I help my friend and it should be up soon!

A lot is on my mind!!! Big Sale on my Dolls for a good cause!
No reasonable offer refused!

Attention all kind and caring peeps!

Please help me!!!! I have a very best friend in trouble back home. She is a Brittle Diabetic and is in renal failure…she cannot help earn the money anymore to help pay the bills, and is sick a lot. She goes and goes for those kids! They are not her Biological children. She, when she was healthier, took in this whole family of children to raise. I helped raise the youngest while he was ages 3- I2, until he could babysit himself…then he still stayed with me a lot.I am proud of them all and know each personally like a family member. I am already helping and want to raise some more money for them. Besides the rent there are all the expenses and deposits…etc. 

They have to leave their rental within 4 weeks, as it is being sold and there is not much time to find one at one they can afford... they are looking at everything in a very large area of Hillsborough Fl, where I am from. I am hunting for them on all the realty ads as she doesn’t have a computer. There are 5 children to find a home for and make sure they have enough deposit.

I am not asking something for nothing...I will sell any doll in my store at a best offer and I will not refuse any reasonable for all those dolls that have maybe been a little high's your chance! All money's go to finding them a house...4 boys and one girl and Kippy! All good students and well deserving and a woman with the biggest heart I have ever seen…so please…come buy my dolls at my Etsy Store:


Please message me on FB or here and let me know what doll and what offer you would like to make plus shipping to keep the doll. First come 1st serve!👻 or just go to ETSY and enter boggybottombayou

Thank you for your patience!!!!

My Best Always,



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