Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wow….well, It’s been about a year since I blogged or did any serious Facebook time…never meant to go away…life just got very hard…very hard, indeed.  Last Dec-Jan I had 3 hip surgeries with incision from my knee to my hip! I was in the hospital 3 months. I don’t talk about it much, but want everyone to know I’m still here and why I’ve been gone. I have been healing, pondering life and all that important stuff!  LOL!. During all that time, plans to move to Hawaii were underway.

The last surgery (last January and still healing) got infected and I lost my left hip and the top of my thigh bone…yep, nothing in the way of bone in that area now.  But…believe it or not…I am learning to walk!!!  An extra high shoe presses the leg up in the hip area and it gets braced up that way and the leg stays in place!  I am still in a W/C most of the time, but hoping to develop a walk!

Walked 210 feet one day at physical therapy…plan to do more!  Oh, I forgot to say I am living in Hawaii for 3 years for a project my husband is working on.  He is a Structural Engineer and is away a lot.  It is a beautiful place, I must find a way to go swimming in the ocean!  (you can’t take a walker in the sand and “sand” wheelchairs are not that great, but I’ll find a way)
We moved to Hawaii October 1st., but didn’t see the moving truck until Oct. 31! I am busy unpacking all my studio supplies and all my Halloween treasures.   They are in stacks of boxes that seem a mile high! How I wish they were unpacked and organized with a “twitch” of my nose!  Unpacking and Physical Therapy takes up a lot of the time, but I miss the Doll World!

During unpacking, I found lots of things including some of my published dolls that have NEVER been up for sale before!  The only place they’ve been is to the publisher’s and back. I have other dolls that I am looking forward to finally finishing.  I had wanted to take them to a show, but it seems more fittin’ that they find a good home, as I’m not sure when I will be at a show and just want to load up my Etsy Store….It’s been empty too long!

Introducing Adele, the Sunflower Bunny  from PRIMS Magazine 2
015 Fall Issue (vol. 6 issue 3)

Please come to my Etsy Store  at Boggy Bottom Bayou . Have a look at the dolls on Facebook as they enter my shop FOR SALE!!!

My Best Always,