Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WOW! A Month Has Gone by in a Flash!!!

Free Animations

I can't believe it...I haven't even reported on the Spirits in Sanford Show yet!!!
Let me tell you, it was a complete sucess...so many nice customers and new friends.
Here is a picture of the happy winner of my door prize!

More Show Pictures

Picture of Jeanine (the Gallery on !st Owner) goofing off with our very own Mime!

Happy Customers and Artists Everywhere!!!  There is Dani of Spookytime Jingles!

Jorge DeRojas clowning around!!!  What a Nice man and brillant Artist!!!

The whole Gang of US!!!  Just so Happy to be there!  Yes, that's me, in the wheelchair...not exactly what I had in mind!

Debb George with all her cuties!  Of course I had to have more than just one of those little guys!!!!

Artist Lenea Howe was there with her Gaggle of Hags...had to have one of those too!!!
We were all glad that we did not have to leave in this.  Those are our own personal Spooks and Chauffeurs!!!! (designated drivers!!!LOL!)