Friday, May 30, 2014

Give-Away Re-Do Starts Now


Give-Away Redo Starts June 1st That means NOW! I ask for your patience and understanding…I’ve only done one of these by myself and I messed this one up big time! Please read on:
Well, I couldn’t figure it out…have a give-away and only a handful of people came. I had two good friends review my Give-away and give me some advice…and I’m taking it. They both said I had too many rules and that some of the steps were just too hard to do.
Also that I needed to have a “redo” of my give-away to give those who felt they didn’t stand a chance against my “Wall of Rules” a chance to participate (don’t worry, those that entered will be given credit!). So here is what we are going to do:
*For the few who entered the first time around, you do NOT need to re-register
*this Give-Away will be bigger and better! 1st place is the candy Corn Spool Ghoul and 2nd place is 50.00 dollars off any item currently in my Etsy store! So everyone has two chances to win!  Expires August 1, 2014
*I will keep this give Away SIMPLE! Please forgive me for making the previous rules too many and too hard to do.
*This time there will be only two rules:
1) Follow my blog (see “join this site” by scrolling down on the right side-bar
2)Leave a comment I have one request…that you “Like" Boggy Bottom Bayou on Facebook, but you don’t have to in order to enter. My Link is To get started, my blog link is right here! Hope to see you there!
Winners Announced June 15th
Love and Friendship Always,
Carly Anne

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bat Update!

A Work in Progress

Well, it seems like I haven't put a "Work in Progress" (WIP) piece lately here goes...My large bats (I have 3 sizes!) ...guess I like bats! I didn't ever NOT like them, but realized, after posting a board on Pinterest called "Cute Bats" that I must Love bats! So do other people...especially women, are re-pinning my cute bats! Anyway, 

I think I was saying...My large bats are almost finished. This one just needs the base finished and attached to the spring!

Love and Friendship


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Available for Purchase!

Available for Purchase!


Simon is part Paper Mache and part soft sculpture doll.  He stands about 23-inches tall and about 14-inches when sitting.  His body is made of muslin that has been stuffed and weighted for sitting.  Simon’s arms and legs are detailed in acrylic paint and lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects.  His legs can also be positioned to sit in different ways. In addition, he displays very well standing with the use of a doll stand. Sometimes, after shipping, the weight bag inside shifts a little and one may have to set the doll down with a little “thump” to reposition the weights.

Simon’s hat is fashioned as a leaf cap from paper clay and hand painted just like his head. He wears a wide ruffled collar with five layers of fabric that color-coordinate with the rest of his attire.  His fashionable shirt is in a bright gold with purple flower fabric with a contrasting lapel of orange double ruffle and ribbon trim with shiny glass beads.  Sleeves are embellished with purple lace that is edged in tiny green crystals.  His purple plaid pants are cuffed with orange ruffle and match his lapel.

Simons Purple vest is his show piece! Felt flowers are adorned with hand beaded accents above satin stems.  It is trimmed in metallic multi-colored rick-rack.
His little boots are larger around than his skinny little legs, and are accented with orange, shiny tinsel and little bright faceted gold beads.  Simon carries a rather Large Jack-o-lantern to light his way at night.
Simon may go home with you for 155.00 FREE SHIPPING

Simon would love to go home with you!

Please contact me for purchase at

Love and Friendship Always,

Carly Anne

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Opens at Midnight Tonight!!!


Come with me!

Give-Away in Progress!!! Every Witch Way Lane Opens at Midnight!!!

Two very important events are happening.

My giveaway is in full swing.
See prize below! Scroll Down for Directions!!!
The Prize

Every WitchWay Lane is opening at midnight tonight.

Stay Tuned right here this evening and I will announce the place to go that is presently a secret! Be here to see amazing offerings by our Artists!


Carly Anne

Friday, May 9, 2014

Give-Away in Progress and WIP on my Bat!

Give-Away in Progress
Please Scroll Down to Last Post
Give-Away Prize!

Here is my "Bobble Bat" so far!!!
Pat Gill of Cre8tors touch thought of the name!)

Give-Away in Progress

Do ya'll like him...I need a name for him!  Suggestions?


Carly Anne

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Give Away Starts Now!


BBB's May Give-Away Starts Now!

Winner Announced June 1st

 Win this Spool Ghoul as featured in Somerset Studios

Rule #1

Follow this site and leave a comment for me.  If you are already a follower, just say so in your comment so I can count you in!  Please give any suggestions you have for this site  and let me know what you think of Boggy Bottom Bayou

Rule #2
Grab my Button and put it on you blog as a link to Boggy Bottom Bayou

Step A

Find this picture of Eudora on my blog and copy the code in the orange box beneath it.


Step B 

***Add my Button to your blog or Website sidebar

In Blogger, go to layout and find the "Add A Gadget"  
Scroll down until you see the gadget represented below and follow directions.  Once this is installed, friends can go to your blog and "HOP" over to visit me too!
****if you do not have a website or blog, just tell me in your comment and I will not disqualify you from the give-away!

Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
By Blogger

Rule #3

Like me on FaceBook!

Rule #4
Follow me on Pinterest!

I know it seem like a lot to ask, but, you can win (for just a few "clicks" my Published Spool Ghoul (A 54.00 Value!)

Now, please "HOP" over to The Rusty Thimble to join my friend Brenda's Give-Away!!! (click text)

Love and Frienship Always,

Carly Anne