Friday, May 30, 2014

Give-Away Re-Do Starts Now


Give-Away Redo Starts June 1st That means NOW! I ask for your patience and understanding…I’ve only done one of these by myself and I messed this one up big time! Please read on:
Well, I couldn’t figure it out…have a give-away and only a handful of people came. I had two good friends review my Give-away and give me some advice…and I’m taking it. They both said I had too many rules and that some of the steps were just too hard to do.
Also that I needed to have a “redo” of my give-away to give those who felt they didn’t stand a chance against my “Wall of Rules” a chance to participate (don’t worry, those that entered will be given credit!). So here is what we are going to do:
*For the few who entered the first time around, you do NOT need to re-register
*this Give-Away will be bigger and better! 1st place is the candy Corn Spool Ghoul and 2nd place is 50.00 dollars off any item currently in my Etsy store! So everyone has two chances to win!  Expires August 1, 2014
*I will keep this give Away SIMPLE! Please forgive me for making the previous rules too many and too hard to do.
*This time there will be only two rules:
1) Follow my blog (see “join this site” by scrolling down on the right side-bar
2)Leave a comment I have one request…that you “Like" Boggy Bottom Bayou on Facebook, but you don’t have to in order to enter. My Link is To get started, my blog link is right here! Hope to see you there!
Winners Announced June 15th
Love and Friendship Always,
Carly Anne


  1. All are ex- screamingly amazing. Love them.

    1. Love you Halloweenie Word! Thank you so much!

  2. I just love your work. It's refreshing to see such a whimsical and creative talent.

    Happy Weekend.

    1. Thank you Joyce! Creating is my very favorite thing to do!...and hearing wonderful things about them!

  3. I liked, I joined and I love what you do! Cute but scary!

  4. Morning,
    I "liked" your facebook page, I'm following your blog and now I am making a comment. I do love your work. Your Candy Corn are the best.

  5. Hope your giveaway is a great success! You have a very distinctive style and your candy corn guy is great.

  6. Please enter me! I think I already follow you on FB.

  7. I am a new follower and I've also "Liked" your Facebook page :)

  8. I love your work.I followed you and I liked FB page.Great giveaway thanks.

  9. Enter me please! I joined and will like your facebook page!

  10. Not sure if this is showing up! Please enter me. I joined and will like your fb page!

  11. I just followed you on Facebook. Love your work and would love to win!