Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Available for Purchase!

Available for Purchase!


Simon is part Paper Mache and part soft sculpture doll.  He stands about 23-inches tall and about 14-inches when sitting.  His body is made of muslin that has been stuffed and weighted for sitting.  Simon’s arms and legs are detailed in acrylic paint and lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects.  His legs can also be positioned to sit in different ways. In addition, he displays very well standing with the use of a doll stand. Sometimes, after shipping, the weight bag inside shifts a little and one may have to set the doll down with a little “thump” to reposition the weights.

Simon’s hat is fashioned as a leaf cap from paper clay and hand painted just like his head. He wears a wide ruffled collar with five layers of fabric that color-coordinate with the rest of his attire.  His fashionable shirt is in a bright gold with purple flower fabric with a contrasting lapel of orange double ruffle and ribbon trim with shiny glass beads.  Sleeves are embellished with purple lace that is edged in tiny green crystals.  His purple plaid pants are cuffed with orange ruffle and match his lapel.

Simons Purple vest is his show piece! Felt flowers are adorned with hand beaded accents above satin stems.  It is trimmed in metallic multi-colored rick-rack.
His little boots are larger around than his skinny little legs, and are accented with orange, shiny tinsel and little bright faceted gold beads.  Simon carries a rather Large Jack-o-lantern to light his way at night.
Simon may go home with you for 155.00 FREE SHIPPING

Simon would love to go home with you!

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