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Allan graduates! Masters of Science!

Allan Graduates!!!

Allan Graduates!!!
Masters in Engineering from CU!!!

Great Accomplishment!!!

Just last week we went to Colorado for my eldest son's graduation from Colorado University at Boulder. He now has his Masters in Environmental Engineering. He received his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from USF where he was the President of Engineers Without Borders.

He has always had an interest in providing sanitary drinking water to those in other countries who have none. His most recent trip took him to Africa for a few months! He had quite the experience!

Congratulations, Allan!!!

Spirits in Sanford 2012

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Eagle Release - Back to the Wild

Eagle Release - Back to the Wild

Eagle Release - Back to the Wild

My Son Matthew, Birds of Prey!!!

This is a picute of my son,Matthew, who is the Coordinator for Eagle Watch in Florida!

Audubon’s Center for Birds of Prey opened its doors in 1979. Thirty one years later, the Center is the premier raptor rehabilitation facility in the eastern United States. Raptors treated at the Center include hawks, owls, kites, falcons and eagles. In addition to birds of prey, it also cares for vultures, taking every opportunity to educate the public about these very valuable members of the stork family.

DSC_1925  2

Annual patient admissions average 600, with a release rate of 40%. Approximately 10% of admissions annually are Bald Eagles, and the Center is renowned for its eagle care. To date the Center has released 407 eagles back to the wild.

Non-releasable birds may live out their lives at the Center as education ambassadors. Young birds with permanent disabilities are trained to the glove and become “working birds”, traveling to schools, festivals and other events. They interact with over 20,000 people annually.

The Center is located in a suburban neighborhood on Lake Sybelia in Maitland. In addition to over 20 species of raptors and vultures on display, there are educational displays, a butterfly garden, gazebo and wetlands on the lake and Audubon House, a restored 1924 bungalow.


Matthew and his Red Ttail Hawk

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Going Batty!

Work in Progress Update!

It's already looking like Halloween at my house! Up all night...couldn't sleep for some reason, so I worked and got this bouquet of bats painted and stained! Yippee...not to worry...will go to bed early tonight!

Love an Friendship Always,

Carly Anne

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pause for Paws...Four Paws

I don't think I have any of my sweet little dogs on my blog or face book...so I am sharing them now.  They are with me always.  OOPS!  I said "little"... I also have one BIG one!  All in all I have four! 

 First I will introduce my two Chinese Cresteds, Gypsy and Peanut. As far as I am concerned this is THE sweetest breed on Earth!!! All they want to do is beloved and love in return!!!  They absolutely love people and have many "friends" in their own right. 

 I have a Powder puff, Gypsy, and a Hairless, Peanut.  Peanut is a true hairless...not the Hairy hairless that are shaved to be in shows. The only thing I have shaved on her is her facial hair so she doesn't look like a man!  She always has on PJ's because she gets cold in the air conditioning in Florida.  soooooooooooooooooooooo here they are!
Peanut, relaxed, eyes half closed

Perky and playful little Gypsy

Peanut, always alert and noticed something across the room

I hope you enjoyed the first of what I hope will be many of my canine lovie pictures!



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Anybody Remember These?

I used to make muslin, jointed dolls...made with the same Teddy Bear Joints but much easier on the budget than Mohair!!!  It would be interesting to see what everyone "used" to do before doing what they are now!  sometimes I really miss the smell of tea stain and cinnamon, mixed with vanilla!

Wearing real antique baby spats!
Wearing real antique baby spats!

Hope you enjoyed my trip down Memory Lane!

As Always...Love and Friendship,

Carly Anne

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

News From Art Doll Quarterly!!!

Big News From Art Doll Quarterly!
Boggy Bottom Bayou is in!!!

Fall of 2013 page 10

Yes folks it's true, I've been chosen for another feature article in Art Doll Quarterly (ADQ)!  I could not be more thrilled!  This season is already busy as my article is due May 1st! I have already started onit and things seem to be flowing smoothly.

What this means is that on August 1, (when the magazine hits the stands)  you will see Estella, my Opera singing frog and Punkin' Bunnie included in this publication along with several of my other dolls.  Ya'll watched here, at Boggy Bottom Bayou, those dolls as they came to "life" and I feel that all ya'lls comments and support by following this blog, gave me the encouragement I needed to get them finished and off to the magazine!  Thank you all for being here with me!

And there is more news!

My Billy Ghost and Bejeweled Pumpkin will be in Stampington's Holidays and Celebrations magazine too!  That is due out, I think,  on September 1st 2014!  If you remember, I gave a tutorial on how to make my bejeweled pumpkin.  If you would like to give it a try, the tutorial is still here on my blog dated August 1st of 2013.  Just scroll down to that post and get going on it!  There are many variations that can be done from that one pumpkin.  Make your own bejeweled pumpkin patch!
All Finished!

Learn to make you own! Go back to August 1, 2013

That"s all for now folks!

Love and Friendship Always!

Carly Anne

Monday, March 31, 2014

My latest "Work in Progress"

I'm not sure why, but new ideas are floating into my head like crazy!!!  So I will share a couple of my latest WIP!

"Baby Batty"

Baby Batty with Biggie Bat

Biggie Bat

They are my new nodders, mounted on a spring...still need to do a lot to them before they are finished!

Let me know what you think!

Love and Friendship,

Carly Anne

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Off the Beaten Path...

 Well,  I thought I'd blog about something that is kinda a weekend thing around here.  Last weekend my husband, two of my sons, Matthew and Mark, and Matthew's girlfriend, Kristen went fishing in Tampa Bay. It was a beautiful day for it!

No, I didn't go fishing as my leg is still healing from the three breaks over the past year and a half...it won't be long now, when I can go along with them as I am beginning to walk on my own (without the walker!). I can walk to the mailbox and back, walk around inside the house, and down the sidewalk a little ways!  The other day I crossed the street to borrow some sweetener from my friend!  Good things are coming my way!

 I stayed in touch with the trip by phone (yeah! cell phones!) and was even on the line while they caught several! Anyway, here are a few pics from the fishing trip:
Daddy, trying to claim all the credit!!!

(L) to (R) Mark, Kristen, and Matthew

WOW!!! What a catch...and these were just the "Keepers"!!!

Unloading the catch

Cleaning and Cooking!!!

One tired young lady!!!
Great Trip and a Yummy Dinner!

Now, back to the same o;' stuff...I have finished submitting my dolls to Art Doll Quarterly. here are a few pics of ones you may not have seen, as Esmeralda and Punkin Bunnie were quite the camera hogs! LOL!... 

Billy Ghost, the Ghoul


Sebastian Candy Corn

Well, that's all folks!

Love and Friendship Always!!!

Carly Anne

Friday, March 14, 2014

Etsy Treasury of Cats With Cinders!

Hey everyone! Follow this link to a treasury of cats on Etsy!!!https://www.etsy.com/treasury/NTM2NjI1NnwyNzIzMzAyMDkz/cats-cats-and-more-handmade-cats I am so pleased to be included in this special treasury!!!

Description of Cinders


Cinders  is part Paper Mache and part soft sculpture doll.  He stands 20 inches tall and about 15 inches when sitting.   His body is made of muslin that has been stuffed and weighted as he is a shelf sitter.  Cinders‘  arms are detailed in acrylic paint and lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects.  His legs can also be positioned to sit in different ways. In addition, he displays very well standing with the use of a doll stand. Sometimes, after shipping, the weight bag inside shifts a little and one may have to set the doll down with a little “thump” or “bump” to his bottom to reposition the weights.

His Halloween party hat‘s fashioned from orange felt.  It is embellished with little, tiny bats and tinsel. His shirt is made out of orange and black Halloween characters fabric print.  His lapel is embellished with decorative trim and black beads. His sleeves are trimmed in black tinsel. Cinders is dressed in his finest!  He wears a black felt vest lavishly decorated in a white bone border and crystal accents.  With the detail on the back, Tomas looks good coming and going!

Cinders’ orange and black checked pants are fastened with a black and orange striped ribbon.  His pant cuffs are accented with ruffled, black organza trim. Tomas’s holds a retro styled lantern that really glows and carries his favorite toy, a little pinwheel.  Heis ready for a Halloween Party anytime!


Love and Friendship Always,


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Esmeralda is FINISHED!!!

Yes Everyone!!!  Esmeralda is finished and along with a few others, is off to Art Doll Quarterly!  Please wish us luck! Here are a few pictures of her, including her little boy Jeremiah, who was featured in my Art Doll Quarterly article last fall.  Hope you enjoy!

I have had so much FUN with her...she was a joy to make!

Love and Friendship Always,

Carly Anne

Friday, March 7, 2014

Punkin' Bunnie is Finished!!!

Here She Is!

Well Everyone...my very first standing doll is finished and I hope you like her! Her name is Punkin' Bunnie and she is ready for the Anthropomorphic Challenge being conducted by Art Doll Quarterly this Fall (August)!  Wish her luck!


Punkin’ is part paper Mache and part soft sculpture doll.  She stands 29.5-inches from base to ears. Her body is made of muslin that has been stuffed and weighted for sitting. Punkin’s arms and legs are detailed in acrylic paint and lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects. Her legs are wooden dowels to achieve a steady standing position.  Lower legs and feet are sculpted, painted muslin and rest on a sturdy wooden base.
Punkin’s bonnet is orange felt topped with a small shiny bead. It is embellished with crystals, ribbon, and lace. Coordinating bodice and sleeves are made of a 100% cotton Harlequin pattern fabric with a purple sparkle overlay of tulle. Her collar is made with five layers of different cotton Halloween prints that echo the colors in her stylish outfit. Orange, rhinestone buttons and lime green metallic rick rack are added accents, Sparkling crystals are applied one by one on much of her lace trim.
Her peplum is of wide black Venice lace that has been elaborately studded with crystals. Her skirt is a beautiful black and purple striped satin. Punkin’s skirt is layered at the hemline with five different trims!  She wears lavender pantaloons trimmed with ruffled black and gold lace with little bat “garters” near her knees.
Punkin’ carries a metal sign advertising her pumpkins for sale on one arm and holds her prized Jack-O-Lantern on the other.  She stands next to her little friend Hoots, sitting on a magical bejeweled pumpkin.

I hope you enjoyed Punkin's "work in progress" over these last weeks (see previous posts) and thank you for following along on my never ending Adventure in Clay!

Love and Friendship Always,

Carly Anne

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Selected for National Show!!!


I've been selected!!!

I cannot begin to say what an honor this is and how special I feel...to be chosen by two such accomplished Artists and a jury of other artists is beyond words....Please read on...

Meet the Producers

Robert Eberz

Most artists can relate to the fact that the urge to create begins at a very early age and I am no exception. I was born in San Antonio Texas and graduated from the University of Texas in 1993 where I studied painting and art history. I began my career in art working for the film industry in Hollywood California as a production designer. My journey eventually led me to become a children's book illustrator. I have illustrated over 15 children's books, and I am the licensed artist for the Splat the Cat ICR books. I own and operate Grimm Grinz Studio where I like to satiate my love for all things Halloween by creating character sculptures.

Dennis Haynes

I was born and raised in Texas and I'm living in beautiful Kenmore, WA.  I come from a creative family and was exposed to gardening, music, art and crafting at an early age.  I studied architecture/art/horticulture in college and have worked in several industries, including Real Estate development and Corporate Events.

Currently, I am a co-owner of Halloween & Vine in Petaluma, CA, I work an 8-5 job, make creations in my studio, Runamuck Studio , and am co-owner of Hallowbaloo.

Please come to http://www.thehallowbaloo.com/ to read all 
about it!!!  Also please go to Halabaloo Facebook and like their page.  There you will see some of these fabulous Artists works and get a dynamic view of the show as it develops and moves toward September 20th 2014 and the culmination of this wonderful adventure.

Love and Friendship,

Carly Anne