Thursday, March 27, 2014

Off the Beaten Path...

 Well,  I thought I'd blog about something that is kinda a weekend thing around here.  Last weekend my husband, two of my sons, Matthew and Mark, and Matthew's girlfriend, Kristen went fishing in Tampa Bay. It was a beautiful day for it!

No, I didn't go fishing as my leg is still healing from the three breaks over the past year and a won't be long now, when I can go along with them as I am beginning to walk on my own (without the walker!). I can walk to the mailbox and back, walk around inside the house, and down the sidewalk a little ways!  The other day I crossed the street to borrow some sweetener from my friend!  Good things are coming my way!

 I stayed in touch with the trip by phone (yeah! cell phones!) and was even on the line while they caught several! Anyway, here are a few pics from the fishing trip:
Daddy, trying to claim all the credit!!!

(L) to (R) Mark, Kristen, and Matthew

WOW!!! What a catch...and these were just the "Keepers"!!!

Unloading the catch

Cleaning and Cooking!!!

One tired young lady!!!
Great Trip and a Yummy Dinner!

Now, back to the same o;' stuff...I have finished submitting my dolls to Art Doll Quarterly. here are a few pics of ones you may not have seen, as Esmeralda and Punkin Bunnie were quite the camera hogs! LOL!... 

Billy Ghost, the Ghoul


Sebastian Candy Corn

Well, that's all folks!

Love and Friendship Always!!!

Carly Anne

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