Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi Everyone!!!!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted...please forgive me for not ringing in the New Year until now!

 I have something to share...I TOTALLY ruined my dolls face!!!!!  I am heartbroken!!!  It was one of those cases where I should have heeded the old words, "if it ain't broke...DON"T fix it", I just had to tone it a little more....wellI totally put her into a different ethnic group!!!

I have an idea...why don't you follow along during her hopeful rehabilitation and we can see her thru it together!!!  Wish me luck!!! 

I continue to struggle with the "leg" as I work hard on being able to walk again.   I'm up on a walker several times a day and do my physical therapy exercises (OUCH!) too.  I begin outpatient rehab this week and go forward with trepidation as I know it will be hard...but a "must do" for sure!  Keep the "leg" in your  Prayers please and wish me luck!  It's been a long haul...thank the Lord for my dolls to work on or they'd have to pack me off to the "Funny Farm"!!!

"Now FAITH is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

Hebrews 11:1
On a better about a sneak peek at a few of my new works in progress that I haven't ruined!

My O'Skullivans aren't new, but their tongues are!!!  What do you think?

These are my new Lil' Hoots...I will be using them in a variety of ways...they are about 2.5 inches tall, so you can only imagine how many calories must be in the HUGE Candy corn in the background!!!

And last but not least.... definitely NOT least is Thunder Buns...You will see what I mean...just look!

Well that's "The End" for now!  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon. will lift you up in prayer. :0)

  2. Oh no,I am SOOO sorry that happened, your pumpkin head was so adorable. I hope that you can salvage her :O( Hope the leg continues to heal and that you are up and about without pain soon. Love your hoots and can't wait to see your new creations as they progress. Good luck with your rehab and with your pumpkin heads rehab!! Deb

  3. Hmmmm.....I think some might say I resemblel that last photo. ha! Your work is awesome Carly. Thanks for sharing your photos and hope your leg is better soon!