Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Art Doll Quarterly Arrived!!!

Cecil the Crow
My Art Doll Quarterly is here!!!  My Dolls are in there not once but Twice PG. 10 and pg 69!!! OH HAPPY DAY!  Just a Dream come true! (doing a little dance).  Some of you out there may already have yours...let me know what you think. I know I am jumping up and down...but it is truly an elated and humbling experience all at the same time (emotional soup)! Being alongside of so many great artists in this issue...I can only hope that my article measures up to peoples expectations.  My thought in writing it was to share some of what I've learned over time by trial and error and sometimes by accident. My hope for you is that you learn a little something new and come away with ideas that inspire you!  

Also in this issue, my very dear friend, LeeAnn Kress of Charmed Confections  , has FIVE of her wonderful dollies published!  I know ya'll will enjoy seeing them (beginning on pg 104)! 

Here are some additional pics of my featured dolls for your viewing pleasure...hope you enjoy!

Garret O'Skullivan

Tomas the Cat

Jeremiah the Frog





  1. Congratulations on your ADQ feature! I enjoyed reading your article on embellishments. I like to embellish too, and it was fun to hear someone else's perspective. I'm a hoarder of all sorts of doo-dads and it's always fun to come up with the right 'thingy' for each doll.

    My doll Pearl is in the Show and Tell Gallery of this issue! YAY!! It's such an honor!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Sorry to wait so long to the middle of getting my tutorial ready for tomorrow! WoW, still have a lot to do... Hope you can stop by to see it! Visited your sweet little witch in ADQ! She has such a sweet face,...adorable! Congratulations on being published!


      Cary Anne of Boggy Bottom Bayou

  2. I thought the Autumn issue of Art Doll Quarterly wasn't available until August 1st! I would have ordered a copy sooner!

  3. It is not available to the public until August 1st, as my publisher has told me, but I believe that Stampington sends them to the Artists sooner. Thanks for asking!