Friday, January 3, 2014

Carly and 2014!

Well, here I sit blogging...not really knowing what to blog about...just want to ring in the New Year with my friends and share what I'm looking forward too...hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas. My eldest son was here from Colorado.  We were altogether and I am a happy MOM!

Looking forward to:
1) being able to walk...the surgery seems a success, so far so good.  Getting around with a walker and a wheelchair. It is difficult as I now have lost length in my left if you ask me how tall I am, well, it just depends upon which side you are asking about!  Have climbed my stairs numerous times...but to tell the truth...I'm not consistent enough.  I tend to go all out some days, which sets me back a day or so...then I wind up not doing much.  I recognize this now and am making efforts to change this stubborn pattern of mine!~

2) launching Giggleswick the Website!!!  It has been delayed and delayed due to my surgery and the now we (LeeAnn, Mark and I need to jump on it!)  Be looking for us and we will be looking for you!

3) collaborating on a new birdcage doll with my dearest girl, LeeAnn!  We promise to deliver something very special and hopefully give you a little giggle in the process!

4) submissions of my newest creations to my Editor and friend, Jana Holstein, at Art Doll Quarterly!

5)  getting rid of this awful weight I've gained throughout this whole leg ordeal (yes my dears, I changed the subject yet again...kinda just putting my thoughts down as I go....

Here are a few sneak peeks at parts of Our Collaboration…LeeAnn and I had a blast talking about her today…Everyone, welcome Boolinda!!!

                          Isn’t she Bootiful?!

That’s all for now
Love and Friendship,

Carly Anne

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  1. Working on Boolinda with you will be fantastic!! Can't wait!! XOXO LeeAnn