Sunday, February 16, 2014

Update for Punkin!

Punkin is Coming Along...

OK...I have an update for you, my Pretties! Punkin' is put together for a trial here to see if everything fits....balances to the eye and just to see if she will please just stand up...AND SHE DOES!  Thank the Good Lord!  Let me know what you think!

What is everyone doing today? I'm afraid I'll be doing submissions until they are out the door! 

Yesterday, my three guys...I have 4, but one is in Colorado, well, they gave me a belated Birthday dinner...Matthew (middle child) was the Chef (boy can he ever cook!0 and he made stuffed flounder in a creamy sauce...stuffing was panko breadcrumbs and lump crab meat and seasonings with shallots  YUM! We also had snow crab.  Gary baked my cake (DH)  We had a great time!!!
Feeling Very Special!

That's all for now...

Love and Friendship,

Carly Anne

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration!! Happy Belated Birthday!! The dinner sounds yummo and how sweet that your DH would make you a cake!! :-) I am seriously in love with Punkin! She is just gorgeous standing all tall and pretty in her beautiful dress!! You are so very talented!! Have a wonderful day! Hugs~Melissa