Tuesday, April 8, 2014

News From Art Doll Quarterly!!!

Big News From Art Doll Quarterly!
Boggy Bottom Bayou is in!!!

Fall of 2013 page 10

Yes folks it's true, I've been chosen for another feature article in Art Doll Quarterly (ADQ)!  I could not be more thrilled!  This season is already busy as my article is due May 1st! I have already started onit and things seem to be flowing smoothly.

What this means is that on August 1, (when the magazine hits the stands)  you will see Estella, my Opera singing frog and Punkin' Bunnie included in this publication along with several of my other dolls.  Ya'll watched here, at Boggy Bottom Bayou, those dolls as they came to "life" and I feel that all ya'lls comments and support by following this blog, gave me the encouragement I needed to get them finished and off to the magazine!  Thank you all for being here with me!

And there is more news!

My Billy Ghost and Bejeweled Pumpkin will be in Stampington's Holidays and Celebrations magazine too!  That is due out, I think,  on September 1st 2014!  If you remember, I gave a tutorial on how to make my bejeweled pumpkin.  If you would like to give it a try, the tutorial is still here on my blog dated August 1st of 2013.  Just scroll down to that post and get going on it!  There are many variations that can be done from that one pumpkin.  Make your own bejeweled pumpkin patch!
All Finished!

Learn to make you own! Go back to August 1, 2013

That"s all for now folks!

Love and Friendship Always!

Carly Anne

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  1. Congratulations! But, we aren't surprised, your work is amazing.


    Hi, Miss Carly Anne,

    I'm Prudence Clearwater (a teddy bear) and I will be leaving comments from now on....bet it's a first for you (giggle). Your work is bee-u-tee-ful.