Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Billy Ghost

Billy Ghost for Sale Published in Somerset Studio Gallery 2015

Billy Ghost
Billy is part Paper Mache and part soft sculpture doll.  He is 20 inches tall and about 14 inches wide.   His arms are detailed in acrylic paint.  They are lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects. 

Billy’s head is fashioned as a ghoul from paper clay and hand painted.  His shirt is fashioned from a black ghostly print fabric with decorative trim. It is secured by a dowel embedded deep into Styrofoam inside the paper mache cone in which he sits

Billy is secured by a dowel embedded deep into the Styrofoam cone.  The cone is covered in glittered sheet foam and with a bat lace overlay. The rim of the cone is lined with several decorative trims.  Billy carries a little Mummy in a cone in one hand and greets his guests with the other!

Billy may go home with you for a fee of 125.00 plus 15.00 travel fare.

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