Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Caleb the Scarecrow is here for sale! Published in Prims 2015


Hi Ya'll!  Carly here again and I have with me, one of my favorites!  His name d hr is my first is Caleb and he will be for sale in my Etsy Shop, so come on over to see him later tonite.  In the meantime, if you are interested,just email me at 

Caleb the Scarecrow
By Carly Smith

Caleb is soft a sculpture doll.  He stands 20 inches tall and about 11 inches when sitting.  His head is fashioned as a scarecrow with raffia hair  Caleb’s  His facial features are hand painted and his eyes peek out through glass pupils of highest quality and made in Germany.   His body is made of tea stained muslin that has been stuffed and weighted as he is a shelf sitter. Caleb is a jointed doll in the same fashion that Teddy Bears are jointed. There are five moveable joints allowing him to be placed in many positions. The head, both arms and both legs are fitted with durable fiberboard discs using the lock nut system for jointing.

 His arms are colored with acrylic paint.  They are lightly wired for posing and holding very light objects. In addition to being jointed, legs are wired too and are very helpful in posing him in multiple sitting positions. His weighted bottom also assists him to remain balanced when sitting. Sometimes, during shipping, the weight bag inside may shift a little and one may have to set the doll down with a little “thump” or “bump” to his bottom to reposition the weights.

Caleb’s shirt is fashioned from tea stained osnaburg fabric.  He wears a vest made of recycled quilt with hand appliquéd pumpkins and a layered sweater look underneath. He wears a colorful ruffled, five layered collar around his neck.  His black and tan checked pants are fastened with a simple jute twine.
Caleb comes with several accessories.  I made his prim sunflower and his two pet crows are from Hilltop Homesteader by Pam Doyle.

Caleb may go home with you for an offering of 195.00 plus 15.00 travel fare

My Best Always,


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