Thursday, October 6, 2011


Welcome to my Blog! I am introducing a new line of Boggy Bottom Bayou Dollies called Swamp Fairies ™. I am having so much fun creating them! They are not jointed like my other dollies, but I think you will like them. I feel they are chock-full of Whimsy! This is just one of them…more to come. All will be one of a kind and come signed by me.

Belladonna is a bit little…her head is not! She stands” with from the tips of her pointed little toes to the top of her pointed big hat. (I guess she’s taller than I thought she was!). She is made of muslin that I have painted, sanded, stained and shaded for her prim look. The pupils of her sparkly eyes are imported hand-blown German glass. Her eyelids are hand-stitched and glittered. Her nose is hand stitched and sculpted for added dimension.

Her arms are not jointed, but are lightly wired to hold small objects such as her star balloons. Her legs are just floppy jointed and are somewhat posable as you can see with her holding her majic stars and sitting on her pumpkin!

Belladonna wears a little black and multi-color dress with hand stitched vintage ric-rac. Her collar has multiple ruffled layers of fabric .
She holds her balloons high and proud, ready for Halloween night! I’m quite sure she is riding her bike to the same party as my Tuxedo Tom!

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