Friday, October 7, 2011

Big Boo

Welcome to my Blog! I am introducing a new line of Boggy Bottom Bayou Dollies called Swamp Fairies ™. I am having so much fun creating them! They are not jointed quite like my other dollies. Some have heads that turn . Their legs are floppy jointed and arms are lightly wired for posing. I feel they are just chock-full of Whimsy! I think you will like them. Big Boo is just one of them…more to come. All will be one of a kind and come signed by me.Big Boo stands 28” tall with from the tips of his pointed toes to the top of his sort of pointed big head. He is made of muslin that I have painted, sanded, stained and shaded for his prim look. The pupils of his sparkly eyes are imported hand-blown German glass. His eyelids are hand-stitched. His nose is hand stitched and lightly stuffed for added dimension
His neck is jointed just like a Teddy Bear so it can turn side to side (see him looking over his shoulder on the little chair?) His arms are not jointed, but are lightly wired to hold small objects such as his ghost banner. His legs are just floppy jointed and are somewhat poseable as you can see with him perched up on his chair.
Big Boo wears a layered shirt look with an antique quilt vest. Attached to his vest is a medallion announcing the date of All Hallows Eve. His scarf is homespun fabric . Felt stars with vintage buttons are appliquéd onto the scarf.
Big Boo can be purchased at a special blog price of 89.00 (reg. 98.00)


  1. Big Boo is amazing as are all your dolls, so glad I found you from Handmade Art Fair! Looking forward to following you and your wonderful creations! Deb

  2. He's wonderful!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. I love this guy.. He has such a sweet face.. There is so much detail and work, you have such talent!