Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Annie

Halloween Annie’s body is somewhat petite …her head is not! She stands 22” with her hat on, about 19 with it off her big head (I guess she’s taller than I thought she was!). Annie is made of muslin that I have painted, sanded, stained and shaded for her prim look. Her hair is made of pearl cotton yarn and hand-stitched for permanent attachment. The pupils of her sparkly eyes are imported hand-blown German glass. Her eyelids are hand-stitched and her mouth is painted. Annies nose is felt that has been stitched, stuffed and hand-shaded.

Her hat and dress are made of a 100% cotton pumpkin print with coordinating bodice and apron. All Annies wear aprons don’t they? Hand-stitched pockets that are appliquéd with pumpkin colored stars that have been glittered and accented with vintage buttons. Her apron is trimmed in vintage style black metallic rick-rack. Her hat is my special two print party style ( I love making them as they add such an element of fun!) she also wears a four layer, ruffled collar of various Halloween prints and vintage rick rack. Just Follow the link below:

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