Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New Addition to Our Family

I know I promised to blog more often…I will try to make up for it with a little long and personal post.  A lot of you may be aware that in the last five years, I had 5 major surgeries and kinda let myself go.  I also cracked my head open, broke my collar bone and my left thigh bone twice.  No one wants to be near me in a lightning storm!!!  It has been hard on the Boggy Bottom family as well as myself.  My sons and my Husband have dealt with a lot and supported and loved me all the way. I am so very thankful for them. I don’t know what I would have done if they had not shown such strength and love through it all…but I am not writing this so ya’ll feel sorry for me…I want you to share in my joy!

A few months ago, a young man named Mark, who we knew very well as one of Matthew’s best friends lost his family.  I am proud to say he has accepted us as family and we, him!  He is now with us in our home, his home, and doing very well in college while holding down a part-time job.  His interests are Zoology, Falconry (how he met Matthew in the first place), motorcycles and he has many more diverse interests I never knew. He recently turned 21. I always wanted another son and now I have one! Please welcome our third Son, Mark. 

I am especially thankful for his interest and determination to see me on my feet again.  He has really made more difference in my rehabilitation from the two leg surgeries and being able to walk again than any physical therapist I’ve ever had.  Please excuse me if you don’t see and haven’t seen as many posts of new dolls as I have been busy spending time with my newest son and getting to know him better.  He is truly a gift from heaven and a breath of fresh air to this Mama!!! 

His Future's So Bright, He Has to Wear Shades!!!


  1. What a blessing for you and your new son....God bless you all. Carolyn

  2. Awe ... I love this post. Mark you got yourself a good family and they love you sooo much!