Monday, August 12, 2013

Spirits in Sanford ...Right Around the Corner!

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I can't believe it is coming up so quickly!  I just seem to be spinning my wheels...there is so much to do and not enough time!!!  I no sooner start on one doll and another one is jumping up and down yelling "work on me"! 

This gal is one of the worst offenders!  Always yelling about how her eye shadow is not she's not stained and varnished yet...where is my body?...Blah, Blah, Blah!  Right now she looks like she just bumped into Tammy Faye at the Mall!  If you are my age, you will get this!
Here are her brothers, The Nere-Do-Wells!  Thay are yelling at me too!

 Ever have that feeling?  Well to help me organize, my Hubby, Gary, has given me a tablet for an Agenda!  He says, if I write it down (a list of goals) every morning that when my brain starts spinning in circles, I can look at it and do something listed...just do it and things will start falling into place!  Ok..I will, so first on the list is to tell you all to stay tuned to Boggy Bottom Bayou and follow my links to see what I've been up to!

Here goes!

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The Spirits in Sanford 2013 is really interesting...many talented arts displaying art that will be going to Sanfor for the show. ther are many interesting "works in progress" where you can see your favorite artists giving you "sneak Pddks" at things to come while they are still working on them!  Here is the link to the Spirits in Sanford 2013 board:

Here is something REALLY new!  Handmade Art Fair (HAFAIR for short) is now on FaceBook!
It is a really unusual page, being open to Artists and their Collectors!  You can POP in anytime and get in on the Artists' conversations, see great offerings and works in progress and their latest happenings.  A Trunk Show will be released on August 31! Here is that link:

Last, but not least is the Spirits in Sanford's FaceBook page where you can go and get more information about the upcoming show!

Tune in next time for some very good Blog links coming your way!

Love and Friendship Always,


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