Monday, October 7, 2013

Spirits in Sanford Show!!!

The Spirits Have Spoken! 

The Great Pumpkin inspecting booths before the show!

The Spirits in Sanford show was a class act indeed! Our preview party was catered and the room was great to set the mood...exciting to see everyone setting up! Came home with lots of loot...There was only one camera malfunctioned in the beginning of the show and we didn't notice I have no pictures of my own booth or Jorge's booth!!!  Not to worry, I will borrow some and post as soon as I get them!

Debb George's booth was loaded with goodies...I seriously could not make my pick for the longest time!  Decisions, Decisions!  

Debb George and her son Brennan...also our Bouncer...look at those muscles!

My Selection of Debs Goodies!

My favorite Debb George piece...Doesn't this sweet little witch look in love with her one and only white pumpkin?! Talented artist, that Debb George and a good friend!

These two Sister Witches are also from Debb George. The one on above is supposed to be me, trying on my innocent face...NOT!  The witch below is  my dear, sweet friend, LeeAnn Kress.  As usual her eyes are wide open in shock of something I said!!!

Robert Brawley...such a clown!!! LOL!

Roberts booth was full of eye candy!  Below is an Owl on a pumpkin by Robert Brawley. It is so precious and such a wonderful piece. His artwork is adorable and well executed, a fine artist an such a nice man! Enjoyed getting to meet him and he had dinner with us on Saturday night.

Of course I had to spend time with my dear friend, Marguerite Nochese!  It was so good to see her and her amazing Art Dolls!  

Chunky me with the beautiful Margo!

Below, this young little witch is waving goodbye to all her little witchey friends for the season...her sweet lower lip is sucked in as if she is about to cry...just want to hug on her and kiss her little cheek!!!  Marguerite created her and I had to have her!!! Amazing attention to detail An awesome artist!


Last but NEVER least is the wonder Artist, Jorge De Rojas!!! 

Jorge, borrowed one of your pics

"George" gave me an exquisite Black Cat Lantern. the light shows through his mouth and eyes...irresistible piece. So talented and such a sweet and caring person! Was next to him at the show! Enjoyed every minute with him and admiring his artwork!

Well that's all for this post!  I'm going to have to run around and collect more photos of  the show to upset about my camera malfunction!!!

As Always, Love and Friendship,



  1. Looks like a great show full of wonderful talent. It's also really nice to put faces to all these you and Marguerite and Debb, my fellow witches!

  2. EEEeeeKKKK! Don't put my face in your might crack your brain...Also changing back to blonde...brown hair is too Drab!

  3. New to your blog but will be checking in often. Nice to see someone current on their blog,