Friday, October 24, 2014

50% OFF OR GREATER SALE!!! Orville is SOLD

Orville is SOLD

Regularly $175.00....NOW $94.00!

Hi everyone!  WOW!  Did we ever have a successful Blog Hop!!!  Thank you to all my old followers and new for making it such a success!  We had 44 people finish and enter to win our fabulous prizes!!!  TWENTY-ONE OF THOSE WON PRIZES!!! That means almost 50% were winners!!!  No where else can you enter and have such a high chance of winning!

So I starting can I follow an act like that...??? Well. there is only one answer! 
And that is to have my own 50% Off Sale!

Please email me at

 Check this post later today...more coming!

Love and friendship.

Carly Anne

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