Monday, April 24, 2017

#4 ONWARD...This is Important!

Getting into the nitty, gritty part!


The spool on my right is very strong Mastex thread...I've had it forever and it is strong!  Unforunatly, I read that they stopped making it...just use your strongest thread you have and it should be are not going to pull very hard.  take your thread and go into the middle of the eye (you will need a 3"sculpting needle) go back and forth between the eyes keeping gentle tension on the thread. The doll should look like the picture below.

Here, if you look closely, you can see where the strong thread pulls the center of the eye inward or concave, but not so severe that you wrinkle the fabric around the eyes. This will give more dimension  to the

                                                                                                             Now,without harming the thread in the eyes, pierce the middle of the green iris and remove. These holes will be used to set the shank of the eye. These are glass eyes made in Germany and have a wire loop on the back. you will also need artificial sinew and it is waxy feeling, also called eye floss.  If you can't buy it online, you might try waxed dental floss...very similar!

Next, thread the loop on the eye (no needle needed) and even the two ends of the floss.  Then thread them together through your 3" needle.

Take the needle and thread and insert, pull through until the eye stops you. To get the loop embedded into the face, you may  have to adjust your hole a little or gently squeeze the wire loop til it is a bit narrower.

here you can see that I always pull my threads to the bottom so they won't show after being knotted.

Repeat on the other side.

These are extra pics that will help if you have never used glass eyes.


Til next time,

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