Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lesson 2 Prim Dollie- Lets get busy!

Lets Get Busy!!!

Being new at this...I didn't think to get pics of me painting....oops...try to keep a clean line between colors unless you decide (the artist from within your soul!) to change it up a little. Use any eye color you like, but it is hard to accent a very dark color.  I chose this green, because next doll will have blue eyes and be Patriotic.  I never use a bright white...its just not Prim!

For this small, but important step, I used a flat brush 
#6 by Donna Dewberry. 

 When painting with it I, I lay the paint down next to the line and kinda, while controlling the amount of paint that slides with the brush,edge the border with the appropriate color. Allow to dry in between colors. .

I often am in a hurry or just want it right then (ever feel that way?) I'll throw her into the oven for 15 min. then retrace your nickle on the white eye and paint green. 


***Tip Time***
My finer is pointing at the Left Head Seam. I pretty much lay the middle of the eye on this seam .  I do this Left and Right.  I will also mark on my eye template where the seam meets the eye in order to use the template for more dolls.

Now, let the green paint dry.......

And...We are ready to sand!  A key element to Prim faces!  Sanding will not only help "age" your doll, it helps the stain penetrate the paint to darken the whole eye by a shade or two...If you ever you a spray, the process is a little different and I can always (if anyone is interested) teach how to use spray stain and what brand and why.  So here is where you would "Prim stain" your head as it is.

This is a very light grit on a sanding sponge I purchased from Kemper Dolls. Sand over the eye softly until you have removed the desired amount of paint from the fabric. Can you now see the fabric weave a little exposed?  Extreme Prims will want to sand a bit more to take up more of the dark, grungy stain we all can't live without!!! Stain and let dry...mine isn't stained yet, cuz I'm 'doin this!  I'll show a picture next time.

Well, I think I covered it all except about the "slant" of the eye when you first draw it...We will start there next time as it opens up the subject of "Expression"

Well, I need to go work on my article for Art Doll Quarterly!  See you soon,

My Best Always,


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