Saturday, April 15, 2017

First Installment On My Blogg Plan..A Prim Cloth Doll

1st Installment: Prim Cloth Doll

Hi everyone...please bare with me...I know I'm not live (we are thinking about doing some video here too) but for some strange reason I'm feeling a little stage goes...


Here, I have made a template out of paper in the shape and size that I want the eyes. I used a nickle to make my circle or you may free-hand it..


.I like a nice clean circle, so I trace it onto the doll with a #2 pencil.  

Fig 3

The great thing about a pencil, is, that if you don't like it, you can usually erase it off the head at least once and not ruin the head.


If you screw up totally, just turn your head around and start over on that side!  Cover the bad side with hair (easily cover the pencil lines) and you are set!  What mistake???  HeHe  Besides, this can be a Mommy doll with "eyes" in the back of er head!  Yes...I am very corny!

Well I kept this short for my 1st time...just figuring it all out...if you haven't had enough, please go to my friends blog:  Susie Kirchbaum will be doing the same thing.  We also plan to show you our "BLOOPERS" and how we fixed them...or not!

My Best Always,



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