Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy girl! Being Published!


I'm interrupting class for an important announcement!

Well...I think if I didn't say it here, I would be remiss.....My dolls, Harley and company made it into Art Doll Quarterly!  I can't believe...they had no bling like usual...truth is....I couldn't find (still looking) all my bling supplies.  So I did not embellish them as usual...I decided to try a more plain and simple look...and you know what, I may not always leave my "bling" behind, but I think I will continue to add these simple dolls...it was fun! 

The Magazine hits the shelves August 1st at Barnes and Noble, other book stores and craft stores around the country. You may also subscribe directly to the magazine at Stampington.com


Hershal will be there along with 5 more creations from me!  If I'm a little slow in getting up posts, its only because I have to have Art Doll's article to them by May 1!

More doll teaching coming up and we will take her all the way to this level!

Soon...please comment and let me know how this is working..

My Best Always,


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